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Hello all the stream has ended (unfortunately).  

IF YOU WOULD STILL LIKE TO DONATE the donation widget is open until Feburary 28 2013 and you can give physical donations directly to me in Barrax at Acadia University. My number is in the lobby directory.

We really appreciated your support throughout this endeavor and would like to give thanks to a few of our most devoted and chattiest fans.  Thank you Paul, Pan, Kiana, Bread Jibs, Tiffany, George, Rian, Tevon, Brad Jobe, and 69 for your support and trolling.  Having a live audience this year was a huge improvement and kept us going when things got tough.   

For anyone who doesn't know we are a group of university students from Barrax.  We played every single Mario Party board in every released game.  We went through this to raise money for Child's Play which is an organization dedicated to improving the lives of children through the generosity of the video game industry and the power of play. 

I want to thank all of the players for their willingness to participate in this gauntlet, if you don't believe that term is fitting try it yourself.  Thanks to Brandon McKay, and Christian Frey for dropping in on a couple rounds to relive some stressful players.  A very special shout out goes to Samuel Coleman for being our long term replacement in case someone ended up having to leave for the rest of the stream, didn't end up needing such a replacement but it was a safety measure we appreciate.  We Overall the final tally was Green 8 wins, Yellow 11 wins, Blue 19 wins, and Red with an impressive 21 wins.  As the winning team Andrew and Myles will get some Child's Play T-Shirts to commemorate their victory.  I award the MVP of the night to Myles Knockwood for pulling red team from behind to claim victory.  We also got Child's Play T-Shirts for the behind the scenes crew to thank them for their efforts.  Thanks to Bree for those amazing posters that we put up around campus and serves and the Facebook pages' profile photo.  Thanks to Christian for all the editing on the site (except for this) and for all correspondence.  Thanks to Micheal for helping with the website and figuring out how to get the stream working through Sqaurespace. 

Thanks to our supporters namely Water Front Studios for the lamb we received it helped cut down the costs of food as well as boosting moral over the few days.  I would like to formally apologize to Screw Attack, as before the event I messages several online media outlets that are gaming related and Screw Attack was the only respondent and gave us permission to post our stream on their site.  Unfortunately I wasn't able to fully utilize their generous offer and I hope that we can make an arrangement for next year.    

If you enjoyed the stream and would like to help us improve I will be posting a survey on our Facebook page and Twitter so follow those if you would like to see us improve.  If you are interested in helping us out next year please follow the Twitter and Facebook as we'll post when we're looking for people for next year.  

I would like to formally apologize for any offense someone may have taken from some of the jokes or things that where said were said.  It is a live stream and after playing any game for that long can fray the nerves so I apologize.

I would like to give a Shoutout to Mike our Janitor for letting us use the basement for the stream for the past couple days and giving us the materials needed to clean up after the event is over.  

If you enjoyed this stream I am starting a youtube channel in the near future.  There will be a large assortment of games both single and multiplayer and I will be playing with many of the participants so check us out.  The name of the youtube channel is zbearwrestler.

If you read all that you truely are an amazing person and I am glad you did.  I tried a couple times to make a video for this thank you but my webcam seems to be protesting.  I am sorry you all deserve better than a page of text.

Looking forward to seeing you guys next yea


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Thank you for watching!